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"Like I always say, there's no 'I' in "team". There is a 'me', though, if you jumble it up."

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We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.
Wisdom - that part of knowledge that isn't only true, but also happens to be helpful.
Wisdom speaks softly... Thereafter the volume increases proportionate to the level of ignorance
A punctured bicycle
On a hillside desolate
Will nature make a man of me yet?
All designed objects are propaganda for a certain way of life.
Sometimes we need to stop analysing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.
We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.
"Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence." --Napoleon Bonaparte

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The best designed clothes: invite being removed but reward being kept on.
It's that you just can't take the effect and make it the cause

Social Today Feels Like Search A Decade Ago: Lots Of Noise And Lots Of Spam

A decade ago most of us were using AltaVista or something similar for search. No one was really complaining very much about the huge amount of spam and other noise that cluttered the results because we didn’t know there was a better way. Then Google came along with Page Rank, and had a profound effect on the quality of Internet search. Suddenly (and it really was that sudden), we couldn’t imagine going back to AltaVista and searching pages of results for the thing that Google gave us immediately.

For a good history of search, get John Battelle’s book [

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Garmin and TomTom cling to profits, hope

As everyone knows, Garmin and TomTom have their backs against the ropes in a fight to remain relevant in an age of free GPS turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones (thanks Google and Nokia). While dedicated personal navigators are almost always superior to their converged competition, the gap has certainly narrowed such that it’s become difficult to justify another device when an increasing number of people already carry a fine navigation device in their pockets. But that’s just gut instinct talking, where’s the hard evidence? Certainly not speculative stock prices. A good place to start is in forward-looking financial statements like the [

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An update on Skype for iPhone and calling over 3G

Many of you have been asking when we’ll release a version of Skype for iPhone which supports 3G calling. Well, the simple answer is soon.

An update on Skype for iPhone and calling over 3G


iPhone apps need low starting hurdles

Example: Pizza Ordering Application

Users are hit with this registration demand when all they want is to browse a selection of yummy pizzas. This was very off-putting to our test users.

The proper sequence?

Show the list of basic pizzas. Let users customize their order. Show the price, along with any salient ordering info (perhaps after having users enter their ZIP code to get delivery times and such). Take the order. At this point, it’s appropriate to ask for personal info because users are now sufficiently committed.

iPhone Apps Need Low Starting Hurdles Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox.


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phishing for iPhone certificate flaws

There is absolutely no reason for an iPhone/iPod to trust root CAs for over-the-air mobileconfig downloads. Apple needs to define who should be able to download mobileconfig files onto a device, be it an end-user or a company, and devise a correct way to share keys between the device and its associated provisioning server.

January « 2010 « Cryptopath.

Loopt To Start Pushing Check-In Specials Hard Using A New App And Facebook

So why is it any different than what Foursquare, Gowalla, and most recently, Yelp, are doing with location-based deals? It would seem that Loopt is trying to convince venues to use their system by offering the most customizable deals to give away. For example, certain deals are only unlocked if you do certain tasks, such as check-in at a certain time of day. This could be enticing to venues because while something like a coffee shop may be busy in the morning, it may be dead in the afternoon, and may want a way to pull in more traffic [

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Why the iPad will fail and help Windows 7 to succeed

OK! hmmmm. This seems perfectly sensible to me. (ps I am stark, raving bonkers)

Quite simply this time Apple have got it wrong. All the tech press is saying the same thing and comments made by readers of those websites are echoing, mostly anyway, their sentiments.

The iPad is nothing more than a large iPod Touch. It’s lacking a 16:9 screen and while the bezel has to be of a reasonable size to allow for holding the device with your hand without your thumb poking the screen all the time, it’s simply too big. Finally those few people who’ve [

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Alex Payne — On the iPad

The thing that bothers me most about the iPad is this: if I had an iPad rather than a real computer as a kid, I’d never be a programmer today. I’d never have had the ability to run whatever stupid, potentially harmful, hugely educational programs I could download or write. I wouldn’t have been able to fire up ResEdit and edit out the Mac startup sound so I could tinker on the computer at all hours without waking my parents. The iPad may be a boon to traditional eduction, insofar as it allows for multimedia textbooks and such, but [

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Microsoft Reaction to iPad

David Worthington interviews Brandon Watson, “director of product management in the developer platform at Microsoft”:

Watson claimed that many developers of applications for the iPhone OS–which the iPad uses–are not making money. Developing applications for the iPhone and iPad is expensive, he said, because iPhone OS uses the Objective-C language rather than Microsoft’s more pervasive .NET platform. And Apple’s control over the platform has alienated some people that make software for its products, he said.

Yes, there is much jealousy from iPhone developers at the sacks full of money being made by Zune and Windows Mobile app developers.


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No Screen? No Problem: A Look at the Projector-based Laptop


The iPad better watch its back. According to an article on Motherboard, a U.K.-based company has developed the portable computer for the future: a laptop without a screen.

Using laser-based projection technology, one of those “phase modulating spatial light modulators” and other tech tucked into a tiny box, this computer by a UK company called Light Blue Optics projects a touch screen on any surface with relatively low power. The company’s co-founder, Dr. Adrian Cable, visited gadget geek Robert Scoble yesterday at his house, leading to a homemade, touch-heavy video with a gently voiced cameraman that might be best [

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Can’t Catch Me

Anything you can run in a web browser can also run inside a desktop app, thanks to the modular embedding capabilities of WebKit on the Mac and Internet Explorer on the PC. However, it should be obvious that the inverse is not true. When something truly innovating and mind-blowing happens on the web, I can drop it into a WebView on my Mac and make it a part of my desktop experience. When something mind-blowing happens on the desktop, you can bet you’ll have people scurrying to painstakingly imitate it on the web. It takes a lot of work, [

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Apple’s jumbo Oreo – Dave is the opposite of impressed

Finally, my prognostication piece missed wildly. I was way too ambitious on Apple’s behalf. I figured it’s been so long since they shipped something wonderful that they must really have something incredible and far-reaching in the lab, and here it comes. About the only thing I got right was #9. Steve still loves to delete ports. It would have been sort of cute if he had delivered on some of the potential in this category. But given the lack of imagination and execution in this product, it’s a cruel joke that illustrates that all that remains of Apple’s brilliance [

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Could the Apple Tablet Make Higher Ed. Irrelevant?

Of course – if you are really bright surely you can homeschool yourself!

By this time tomorrow, we’ll know all of the technical specs on the new Apple tablet computer—assuming Steve Jobs isn’t setting up his salivating acolytes for the mother of all Vaseline-slimed curveballs. Given Apple’s track record with disrupting media industries , print publishers of all sorts are bracing for what the new device could possibly do. Bloomberg reports that the tablet is likely to “boost demand for digital textbooks.” And the ZDNet education technology blogger Christopher Dawson seems pretty excited that Apple and textbook publisher McGraw-Hill are [

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‘You’ll Rule the World’

Alan Kay, regarding his reaction to the iPhone in January 2007:

When the Mac first came out, Newsweek asked me what I [thought] of it. I said: Well, it’s the first personal computer worth criticizing. So at the end of the presentation, Steve came up to me and said: Is the iPhone worth criticizing? And I said: Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.

Hmmm wasn’t that when Steve Ballmer said” Nobody is going to pay this much for a cellphone”. Hey if I was a Microsoft shareholder I’d [

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the iPad is here

What a surprise! A big iPodtouch+++! “Want One” (the ipod touch has always been the real bomb).

27 January 2010 - Obama: State of the Union Address V. Jobs: Altered States

Today Obama will tell the American public that there is no money. A few hours earlier Steve Jobs will have told the American people what they want to buy with the money they don’t have.

The bitter pill versus the tablet a day

anticipointment (uncountable) The state of mind resulting from excitedly anticipating a strongly promoted product, event, film, etc, and then being disappointed when it fails to meet the expectations generated by this promotion.

Step Away from the Smartphone

This article is part of The GOOD Guide to Slowing Down, from GOOD Issue 18. Read more of the guide here.

Easy ways to unplug your gadgets and your life

Perhaps you’ve heard: Texting while driving can kill you. If you ask us, staying too connected behind your desk can be dangerous, as well. In recent studies, single-taskers have outperformed those who take on many tasks at a time, suggesting that multitaskers are less efficient, have heavier workloads, and set themselves up for elevated stress and its related problems, like weight gain, sleep loss, and elevated blood pressure. [

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If Your Kids Are Awake, They’re Probably Online

The average young American now spends practically every waking minute — except for the time in school — using a smart phone, computer, television or other electronic device, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Enlarge This Image

Ruby Washington/The New York Times

“At night, I can text or watch something on YouTube until I fall asleep,” Francisco Sepulveda, 14, said of his smart phone.

Multimedia Graphic

Raised on Screens

Those ages 8 to 18 spend more than seven and a [

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This is VERY important – get a shoe on your lap before hitting ‘play’

Over at Runner’s World they’ve put together an instructional video to go along with an informative article on the difference between Granny Knots and Reef Knots. Well tied shoes are important to runners, but anyone can benefit from the simple change in knot tying-methodology outlined in the video below:

Study Suggests Theres a 'Texting While Walking' Epidemic

According to the New York Times:

Slightly more than 1,000 pedestrians visited emergency rooms in 2008 because they got distracted and tripped, fell or ran into something while using a cellphone to talk or text. That was twice the number from 2007, which had nearly doubled from 2006, according to a study conducted by Ohio State University, which says it is the first to estimate such accidents.

[via Gizmodo]


– Cell-phone Use – but Not Music – Reduces Pedestrian Safety

– Mobile phone users cannot walk in straight line

– 6 million people [

continue reading Study Suggests There’s a ‘Texting While Walking’ Epidemic


Dear Apple: What we want to see in iPhone 4.0, parts 1 & 2

Here and here – and very good it is as a list – I can sign up to that.

BarMax: The $1,000 iPhone App That Might Actually Be Worth It

In August 2008, Apple approved an application in the App Store called I Am Rich. The app did nothing beyond show a picture of a red gem. So why was it notable? Because it cost $999.99. Though Apple pulled it relatively quickly, there was some concern that we’d start to see a rush of bogus applications and/or huge prices in the App Store. Luckily, that didn’t happen and app prices have remained low (some would say too low). But now we have the return of a $999.99 app.

(CLICK HERE FOR MORE -> TechCrunch BarMax: The $1,000 iPhone App [

continue reading BarMax: The $1,000 iPhone App That Might Actually Be Worth It


Google Map Showing iPhone Signal Strength

What this map does not show is the almost complete outage of o2 reception in London N16! Anyone ready to post – oh that’s right, you can’t.

iPhone 3G UK Signal Map

After #uksnow and #ukhols comes #iPhone3GTest.

This Google Maps and Twitter mashup shows the signal strength levels of various places around the UK. The data for the map comes from Twitter users using the #iPhone3GTest tag as started by @JasonBradbury

To help improve the map you should Tweet using the hashtag ‘#iPhone3GTest’, the first half of your postcode, your operator, your 3G signal, and how many bars of [

continue reading Google Map Showing iPhone Signal Strength


App.itize.us: Inventive iPhone Apps

A “painstakingly curated presentation of the best produced and designed iPhone applications,” App.itize.us makes a clever guide to the games, maps and more esoteric apps out there. They did such a good job that narrowing their list to our favs was no easy task. Here are a few:

Momento, for example, is a cross-platform app that connects to Twitter, facebook and other social networking sites while providing a simple and clean look for diaring.

For current events, the U.K. Guardian’s new app offers a new and easier way to access the newspaper.

Creative types will like Vellum, a drawing [

continue reading App.itize.us: Inventive iPhone Apps


AT&T halts online iPhone sales to New York, say shoppers

More evidence that the iPhone is bringing telco networks to their knees?

AT&T halts online iPhone sales to New York, say shoppers Boing Boing.

Porridge sleeps (a lot)

Drawn on the iPhone in brushes.app

Jobs “Extremely Happy” with Upcoming Apple Tablet and a Surprise?

so now that the Christmas inventory has shipped …

“Apple Tablet rumors have exploded in the past few days with reports suggesting that Apple may introduce the device as early as January. A New York Times Blog post by Nick Bilton adds a few tantalizing tidbits about the upcoming device.

As we’ve known, Bilton reports that Apple has been working on a tablet on-and-off for many years but never felt to be good enough to go to market. Some of the previous technology had already been adapted for the iPhone launch. It seems, however, that Apple has finally gotten the [

continue reading Jobs “Extremely Happy” with Upcoming Apple Tablet and a Surprise?


Who gets richest off the iphone?

who is getting richest off the iPhone

I Love Charts – Who get’s rich off the iphone?.

AT&T in USA talks of restricting their iPhone users' data

iPhones changing people’s use-patterns is making the mobile-phone networks groan under the pressure. In their rush to secure the right to retail the ‘phone’ the telephone companies didn’t notice that the iPhone and the iPod-touch are in fact computers.

Once one has one of these machines one starts to use more and more of the online offerings, iPod-touch users smarten up their act too. The networks and telcos know that their days are numbered as digitisation frees television and radio frequencies and now think they can bolt the door after the cyber-horse has bolted.

Expanding vaguely on previous threats, AT&T’s [

continue reading AT&T in USA talks of restricting their iPhone users’ data


Microsoft’s grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse?

I know Windows is awful. Everyone knows Windows is awful. Windows is like the faint smell of piss in a subway: it’s there, and there’s nothing you can do about it. OK, OK: I know other operating systems are available. But their advocates seem even creepier, snootier and more insistent than Mac owners. …

And of the truly horrendous hilarious Windows7 adverts he goes on …

It’s so terrible, it induces an entirely new emotion: a blend of vertigo, disgust, anger and embarrassment which I like to call “shitasmia”. It not only creates this emotion: it defines it. It’s the [

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